Thursday, 23 January 2014

Lebron James Gets Blasted For Posting Photo Of Chris Bosh's Daughter Grabbing His Crotch (Photo)

Last Tuesday night, ace basketball player Lebron James tweeted a photo of himself posing with teammate Chris Bosh’s adorable daughter, Trinity. He was obviously just trying to shout out his nice relationship with the young girl over Instagram, unfortunately before posting the picture, James didn't notice Trinity's hand was fiercely grabbing his crotch. Until it was quickly pointed out by many of his Instagram followers.

Within moments, Black Twitter erupted, accusing James of unmentionable inappropriate behavior
with Bosh’s daughter. James swiftly deleted the image and replaced it with the cropped photo. But the damage was done already. 
The picture has gone viral, with many Twitter users now concerned that little Trinity may be exposed to inappropriate behavior at home.

Read some of their tweets:

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