Friday, 10 January 2014

Weird? Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina finally marries her brother (Photos)

Despite all the criticisms,Whitney's only child and daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown has finally tied the knot with her adoptive brother Nick Gordon,. She shared the news on twitter yesterday shared her happy news along with a photo of her hand over Nick's showing their wedding bands with caption 
'#HappilyMarried So #Inlove if you didn't get it the first time that is,'
Recall when they got engaged last yearm, she said
 "'YES, we me nick are engaged. I'm tired of hearing people say "eww your engaged to your brother" or "if Whitney was still alive would we be together or would she approve of this,"

Is there really anything wrong with marrying your adopted brother? Some think its the same as marrying your blood brother especially when you grew up together ..others feel there is nothing wrong with it..
 Photo of their rings below

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  1. Personally I don't think there anything wrong with that,cos they re not biologically related,well been in her shoesi can do exactly same if I love the guy in question,simple!