Sunday, 23 February 2014

I’m Happy My Daughter Has Been Vindicated! Slain Banker’s Father Speaks After Judgement

Titilayo’s father, Mr. George Oyakhire has spoken after his son in-law; Akolade Arowolo was sentenced to death yesterday by a Lagos High Court. He says though he is not happy that things turned out this way, but he is happy that his daughter has been vindicated. He also said he was glad that Arowolo’s parents were put in their place after they claimed his daughter committed suicide. He also said his grandchild, the couple’s 5-year old daughter is doing fine and will be told the truth when she’s grown and starts asking questions. 

“The Bible says that you should not rejoice at the downfall of your enemy. I feel bad about all this because this was a boy I assisted in every way I could. He even said when giving evidence in court that we were close and this is very true. I assisted him when he needed me and even though he was jobless; my daughter (Titilayo) also helped him.

I am happy the judge berated Akolade’s parents for telling lies in court. They bad-mouthed my daughter and even claimed that she committed suicide. I am happy that my daughter has been vindicated.  I have also been vindicated because I told the whole truth in court. I leave everything to God”.

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