Saturday, 26 April 2014

Strange- A Woman was stuck under a drainage in Lagos,accused of being a flying witch

Shocking and strange story, the woman above was rescued from a gutter around Abalti Barracks, Ojuelegba,Lagos. Easy media reports that a passer-by spotted her calling for help when he ran to the barracks to get help.It took a wielder to cut open the barricade and a good Samaritan to bring her out and she was naked ..
Upon interrogation,she said in tears ..

My name is Amudat Jimoh, It was God that sent me here. He said I should confess my sins so that I don't die, please I need water to drinkhelp me.I don't know how I found myself here, please help me.
 She was taken away in an Ambulance for medical attention
Despite this, some said she was a flying witch who fell and got stuck inside considering the drainage had to be cut open by a wielder. Others feel she may have fallen in the gutter at night..

....years back.A woman was found inside a pit toilet and said she didn't know how she got there. According to her, the last thing she recalled was being at a native doctor's house to get cure for HIV.A bag was found on her with Anti-rectroviral drugs in it and money..
Who thinks this is a Witchcraft case...

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