Saturday, 21 June 2014

Behind the scene photos of Beyonce and Jay Z

 Beyonce just released photos from their epic "On the Run" tour mini movie..If you recall, the world was taken by storm when Beyonce and Jay Z starred as Bonnie & Clyde in a short trailer which looked like a movie..(Here)Sadly, they say it's just to promote their tour..
Contrary to reports that the ticket sales are low, Forbes reports that it is set to become the highest grossing tour ever ..
The tour is on pace to sell almost 1 million tickets, and gross close to $100 million. At that pace, it would be the second most successful tour of all time .The number one all-time grossing tour was U2’s 360 tour, which grossed $736 million across 110 dates, or $6,694,000 per show.  If On The Run cracks $100 million in gross sales, as Ticketmaster says it is on pace to do, they’d be the clear number two, with around $5,000,000 in gross sales per show.
 Still the king & Queen...Photos below..

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