Saturday, 21 June 2014

Let go and let God : Toke advice ladies

Single ladies, Toke has some words of wisdom for you...Atleast she is talking from experience as a now married woman..
To my Single sisters, this is so profound. Quit trying to change someone, let God make a man out of him first. Let your heart be so lost in God that a man would have to seek hin first to find you. You aren't married yet doesn't mean it won't happen for you. That it's taking longer than you ever imagined only means that God is preparing you for that which you deserve and you need to make the right and Godly choice. For those who didn't know before they married, God's grace abides. Its better to wait and do it right than to get into it and regret after. Stay beautiful, don't settle, don't be a victin of what society expects, Let Go and Let God. 

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