Monday, 22 April 2013

JIM IYKE( People always misunderstand me)

In a recent interview with Vanguard, Nollywood “bad boy” Jim Iyke had this to say about his “alleged” crisis with some of his colleagues in Nollywood and why he started his reality show.
“I have always been misunderstood. Many times when things happen, I hardly come out to state my own side of the story. This is because I hate to join issues with anybody. Nobody likes to be intensively scrutinised. I think that’s what made me to rebel to some extent. I’ve seen people who do not live a normal life, yet they are first to point accusing fingers at others.

The press didn’t help matters in my case. Who is paying the price? They forget that I have a family which I’m answerable to. It’s my parents who get hurt whenever wrong things are written about me. People who are dear to me probably do not find what they are doing very funny.

Unscripted has given me an avenue to revisit every issue that has been an issue in my life.

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