Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Sure Sounds Like Jay-Z's Accusing Quees Bey Of Cheating............HUh?????

0625_fish_beyonce...........Man, isn't it so great that people are finally feeling OK enough to say negative things about Beyonce? It feels like there were a good few years there when everyone was treating Queen Bey like actual royalty, like some supreme being incapable of doing any wrong, or really anything less than amazingly beautiful and perfect inside and out. ... Not, of course, that she's any kind of awful person, it's just that she's just human. A human who's a pretty great singer and dancer, but a human nonetheless. But hey -- is she a human who cheats on her spouse?

Maybe! In this very juicy bit of news, Jay-Z posted lyrics to a brand new song of his, "Holy Grail," and it does sound like he might be telling us that Beyonce cheated on him. Twice, actually. Here are those lyrics:

Keep cheating on me/ What I do/ I took her back/ Fool me twice/ That's my bad/ I can't even blame her for that

Now, those lyrics sound clear as day, but here's the confusion: the song is mostly about fame. Jay-Z says things like "you take the clothes off my back and I let you," but he's talking to fame itself, get it? But the part about the cheating comes after Jay discusses how Mike Tyson earns millions for a fight, "but soon as all that money blows, all the pigeons take flight."  Oh, then he says "f--- the fame," then the cheating part. And see, for that, he talks about "her," not the "you" he was using before. It's not super clear, but there's a definite possibility he's talking about Beyonce, right?

If he is though, can someone let him know that he can blame her for that?

Read more: http://www.fishwrapper.com/post/2013/06/25/jay-z-new-song-holy-grail-lyrics-beyonce-marriage-cheating-huh/#ixzz2XFievRRn

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