Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Gov. fashola opens up on his father's death

Governor of Lagos state, Babatunde Fashola has finally expressed his feelings over his father's death. He said his father was his best friend and he will greatly miss him.

This was Fashola said shortly after the burial of his father at the Vaults and Garden Cemetery, Ikoyi, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria on Tuesday.
“This was a painful way for us. As for my father, I think that for all of us his children, he was first and foremost our friend, he was our best friend, so that is what we will miss really; our father was a very loving friend who allowed us to be the best that we could, he allowed us to be what we want to be, guiding and nudging, but never discriminated and that’s why he had children that were Christians, Muslims, children who were Europeans, children who are married across all Nigeria. 
I think these have fully captured his life.I doubt that if there is any person who did not have enemies, it must be my father because he just got on with life, he didn’t discriminate in any position he found himself; good, comfortable, painful, he just got on, I learnt so many things from him and most of these things is who I am today and who I try to be and I hope that I can be as rounded in integrity, humble in his attitude to life and fully committed in all situations as he was.
“He died in the month of Ramadan, he died on the night of Majesty. We had just finished Lallatu quadri” prayers in Mecca, and for me, God is great because if God gave him the opportunity to choose how he would go, and when, he couldn’t have chosen the day he went, it was such a great time. We thank God.

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