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TUFACE Speaks On Collab With Dr Victor Olaiya And Why He Married Annie.


  Innocent Ujah Idibia, aka 2Face, is unarguably the most successful and celebrated new generation Nigerian musician. Humility personified and forever churning out hits after hits, the superstar singer and father of five shared some of his success secrets with YES International! Magazine on sale this week.

Your song with Dr. Victor Olaiya turned out a big hit. How did you feel when you were contracted for that collaboration?

Whaao! I was excited. Dr. Olaiya is a legend of our time, somebody I respect musically for a long time. So, once the opportunity came up, I was excited and I think that's the word to describe how I felt. I was honoured; and it's a privilege to be in the remix of one of the greatest songs in Nigeria.

What's the thing about you that people do not know?
I don't think there is a part of me that is hidden from the public. But if I'm to describe myself, I will just say I'm a peaceful guy. Yes. Very peaceful, I no dey like quarrel.

What led you into doing music?
I think the reason for me is because it's my calling. Music is what I've always dreamt of doing. I never thought of doing anything else other than music. Music for me is a calling. It's a gift that God has given to me. It wasn't like I sat down one day and said I no wan do engineering again, make I do music. It's been music all the way.

Tell us about your growing up days.
My growing up was peaceful with my brothers in my father's house. In fact, I had a peaceful growing up.

As one of the most celebrated artistes in Africa, what do you think is the reason why most musicians cannot cope with stardom?
The biggest mistake is to believe your own hype. To believe that you are above everybody. To believe that you are too much.

What are some of the mistakes you have made at one time and regret and wish you never made them? You know, one thing with me is, I think it is necessary to make mistake at times.

Now that you are married, what has changed about you?
Hmmm! Marriage don make me I no dey crazy like before again

What exactly do you mean?
What I mean is, I don't go out so much anymore. I spend more time with my family.

Of all your baby mamas, why did you choose to settle down with Annie?
Well, it's a matter of the heart. You know, she's the one I know.

How many more children do you want to have with your wife?
We are still on the matter.

What more heights do you want to attain musically?
Musically, I just want to go all out. I want people in every corner of the world to know about me.

Don't you think that you have achieved that already?
I never reach yet, I still need to do some more.

What's your relationship with your former label mates, Black Face and Faze?
We dey o! We see once in a while, but it's not as if we communicate regularly, but we are still good.

Blackface seems to be saying that you abandoned him?
Me, abandon him? Did he tell you that himself?

But it was reported in the media?
Well, Black didn't tell me anything like that at all. We meet sometimes, but he has never told me anything like that at all. You know each time I hear this, then I wonder why he hasn't met with me to say anything like that. I'm not owing him any money and we don't quarrel. So, I don't know what this is all about.

Is it possible for Plantashun boyz to reunite again?
I don't think so.

What if you are called for a collaboration with the group again?
Very well. I will definitely go.

Are there any more musical collaborations you would want to do with top artists from any part of the world?
Yes! But I'll like to do it first before talking about it. You know Nigerians, if I should say anything and it doesn't happen, they will keep harassing me about it.

Your latest video, Rainbow is well loved and applauded. Why the choice of a storyline that showcases your white wedding and so on?
Actually, that was not the video for the song. It was for the launch of my website, but we used the opportunity to show my fans clips from my wedding and use the music at the background. People mistook it for the video, but it's not.

So, when are you looking at releasing the official video of the song?
I have not shot it yet, but we are working on shooting it soon. I was supposed to shoot it last month (June), but TPain was not available and we postponed it to August.

One of your baby mamas (Sumbo) just got married. How does that make you feel and what's your wish for her?I'm happy for her. I wish her a successful married life. She is a nice person and deserves the best.

What has been your staying power?
I don't know. But I guess this is the way I am designed to be. I do exercises once in a while. I try to eat right.

What do you take to get ready for recording?
That's where the talent comes in. I think about the subject I want to write on or sing on and that's it.

Do you write your songs before going to the studio to record them?
Yes! At times I do. At times I just go to the studio and at times the beat comes before the song and that's it. At times too, the song comes before the beat.

Among all your songs, which do you prefer?
 I don't know which one. It's a tough one. I don't remember.

Which of your songs was more challenging during the recording process?
 I still can't say.

´*Nice interview..I like Tuface despite all..........

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