Saturday, 25 January 2014

IK Osakioduwa tells guys how to know a wife material

Here is what Ik posted on his twitter page as things to look out for when looking for a wife material..

#WifeMaterial knows how to showcase the good without EXPOSING the goods."
 #WifeMaterial doesn't need to chase guys. It WILL be chased"
#WifeMaterial doesn't spend EVERY weekend in the club. (After all it's not a job)"
#WifeMaterial, like Jesus, can multiply small food to feed multitude"
#WifeMaterial knows not to leave her husband Hungry or Horny."
 #WifeMaterial knows how to cook. Yeah I said it. And yeah I see you beefing."
A girl who is #WifeMaterial knows when to dump useless friends"

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