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How and why Marilyn Monroe was murdered

We have been fascinated by the life of Marilyn Monroe who has been described even in death as one of the world's most beautiful women ever .In a new explosive book The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: Case Closed writers Jay Margolis, a long-time investigative reporter and Monroe expert, and Richard Buskin,a New York Times best-selling author claim to unravel the exact way she was killed by interviews with eyewitnesses and other investigations. MailOnline reveals some revelations from the book..

Marilyn Monroe’s death on August 4, 1962 was not a suicide but a murder orchestrated by Bobby Kennedy to silence her as she was about to reveal all the dirty Kennedy family secrets she kept logged in a little red diary. Marilyn had affairs with both Kennedy brothers. She was obsessed with Jack and Bobby and wrote about their trysts and other Kennedy secrets in a little red book
And Bobby did not act alone. He had co-conspirators in her murder - his brother-in-law, actor Peter Lawford, and Marilyn’s psychiatrist, Dr. Ralph Greenson who gave the star a fatal injection of pentobarbital to the heart.

Bobby Kennedy got involved in a messy sexual affair with Marilyn in the summer of 1962 when he was sent out toLos Angeles by his brother Jack to convince the screen goddess to stop calling the President at the White House. The President was not going to divorce Jackie and marry her. But Bobby fell under her spell and slipped into the bedroom with Marilyn.
Marylin with Jack & Bobby Kennedy
‘It wasn’t Bobby’s intention, but that evening they became lovers and spent the night in our guest bedroom.Almost immediately the affair got very heavy, and they began seeing a lot of each other.Marilyn shifted her attentions to Bobby and started calling the Department of Justice to get the Attorney General on the phone. She was now madly in love with Bobby, who had promised to marry her and leave Ethel, despite the Kennedy brothers ‘passing her around like a football’ and making her feel like a piece of meat.
But when Bobby began to pull away, Marilyn threatened Bobby with a press conference where she would reveal her illicit affairs with Jack and Bobby and all the dangerous secrets she knew about the Kennedys and had written in the little red diary she kept hidden.

Bobby demanded to know where the diary was. ‘We have to know’, he screamed at her.Marilyn was not going to give it up.
Bobby’s first response was to call Dr. Ralph Greenson, Marilyn's psychiatrist, who she was also sleeping with and order him to go public with that affair.Greenson had thus been set up by Bobby to ‘take care’ of Marilyn’

The revelation would have ended Greenson’s career as well as send him to prison. But Marilyn had no intention of mentioning her affair with the doctor. Bobby just made him think that was the case.
Bobby made his final visit to Monroe’s Brentwood house on the afternoon of August 4, 1962 with Lawford who went outside to have a glass of champagne poolside while Bobby talked with her.
It turned into a ten-minute argument with Marilyn getting hysterical and threatening that, come Monday morning, she was going to call a press conference and reveal all – infuriating Bobby.
He demanded no more calls, no more letters.
Unwilling to accept being dismissed, she began screaming, grabbed a small knife and lunged at Bobby. Lawford, who had come back inside because of the tumult, grabbed her arm and knocked the knife away.
 Bobby thought we ought to call Dr. Greenson and tell him to come over,'
Marilyn’s neighbours saw Bobby leave and re-enter later that evening with one of his two long-time personal bodyguards from the LAPD’s notorious Gangster Squad who performed illegal activities for the LAPD off the books.
While she was stunned, Bobby and Lawford rummaged through the house in search of the little reddiary.
The Nembutal injection wasn’t strong enough to calm her down for long ‘so the two LAPD Gangster Squad partners held her down, stripped her clothes off, and gave her an enema filled with broken-down pills containing anywhere from thirteen to nineteen Nembutals and seventeen chloral hydrates’.
 This did the trick. Back to the search for the red diary.
Kennedy, Lawford, and the two bodyguards left the scene at 10.30pm and the incessant barking of Marilyn’s white maltese terrier, Maf, aroused suspicion of her housekeeper Eunice Murray and Murray’s son, Norman Jefferies who came over to find out what was going on.
They discovered Monroe lying across the bed with her head hanging over the edge in the guest cottage and called an ambulance. Mrs. Murray suspected it was an overdose.
She was naked. She had no sheet, no blanket. There was no water glass. No alcohol…We ascertained that her breathing was very shallow, her pulse was very weak and rapid and she was unconscious at that time,
Her bedside table had pill bottles all neatly capped. No water, no alcohol.
‘As I bend over her, it hit me – there was no vomit, unusual with an overdose which is what the woman managed to tell us that she thought was wrong. … there was no odor of drugs from her mouth. Another classic symptom’. This discredited any theory that she had ingested 64 pills in a suicide attempt.Hall started an external heart massage and got her breathing again. He worked an airway, a clean plastic tube, down her throat and Liebowitz ran to the ambulance for the resuscitation equipment.
Liebowitz was about to retrieve the stretcher from the ambulance when a man appeared in the doorway. It was Greenson who firmly stated, ‘I’m her doctor. Give her positive pressure.’
DR Green who allegedly killed her 
‘Jesus Christ, I thought. What’s wrong with you? I’ve got a machine here that’s doing a great job of that. Why take her off it’? Hall remembered.
Hall removed the resuscitator and attached another short length of tube to the airway. The doctor pushed on Marilyn’s abdomen in the wrong place while Hall blew into the tube.
The doctor opened his bag and took out a hypodermic syringe with a needle looked about a foot long.
'He drew up a liquid from a bottle with a rubber seal and filled the syringe. He felt his way down her ribs like an amateur. Then he thrust the needle into her chest. But it didn’t go in right. It hung up on the bone, on one of her ribs’, said Hall.
‘Instead of trying again, he just leaned into it, his cheeks quivered with the effort. He pushed hard and he drove it all the way through the rib, making a loud snap as the bone broke. I know he scarred that rib bone. I had watched a lot of medical procedures and this guy was downright brutal’
 The ambulance drivers weren't the only witnesses to the injection that would turn out to be a lethal one.
'There were five witnesses to Marilyn Monroe's murder', the authors write. 'Three of the five [ultimately Lawford, and ambulance attendants Hall and Liebowitz] state that Ralph Greenson was responsible'.

Both brothers were later assassinated in what has been called "The Kennedy Curse" John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy was assassinated in November 1963. Booby Kennedy was also assassinated  in 1968

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