Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Meet Wim Hof the Ice man

55 year old Wim Hof, is considered a daredevil and now dubbed  the 'Iceman' after breaking 21 Guinness World Record.The father of 5 from Holland ,has climbed Mount Everest wearing just a pair of shorts.
He also holds the record for having the longest ice bath.He stays immersed in blocks of ice for a spine-chilling one hour, 52 minutes and 42 seconds.
He said:
feel like I can control my own body as if I have a thermostat that I can adjust when I need to. The most challenging record was climbing Everest in just a pair of

shorts.Swimming beneath the ice and not finding the hole back was quite a frightening experience too.But I'm confident enough because I know what my body can cope with.It is a lifestyle that I have chosen to take therefore I train everyday wherever I am.I don't bother with gyms, I just workout where I happen to be whether it's in the garden or at home.It's a great honour to have the nickname of Iceman, it makes me feel very proud of my achievements.'

Experts revealed during deep meditation, Mr Hof's brain is able to send messages to other parts of his body telling them to keep warm.

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