Saturday, 8 February 2014

Photo: Controversial Kenyan Pastor Takes Money To Check If Your Name Is In The Book Of Life!


 According to, Kenyan pastor, Bishop Thomas Wahome of Helicopter of Christ Church ministries is the king of controversy. First, the name of his church is just out of this world.. Then secondly, he is also known to craft very bizarre ways of conning his flock while massively enriching himself.

In 2012, Pastor Wahome charged desperate Kenyans Sh 1,200 who wanted to touch his garment. Like that woman who touched Jesus’ clothes in Mark 5:21-34, Wahome also claimed that people who touched his
clothes got instant healing from whatever disease they had.

And now, he has devised a new con game and it's called “Check whether your name is the book of life”. Wahome claims that if you give him Sh 1,500, he can actually ask God whether you are among those people who will go to heaven. He claims that he has a direct line to God and he can communicate with him directly.
And yet again, thousands are booking appointments with him to find out their destiny after death.

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