Saturday, 8 February 2014

Photos: Meet Freddy, The World's Second Tallest Dog At 7ft 1" ... And Still Growing!

Freddy is currently just three inches short of the world record for the tallest dog, which is currently held by Zeus, another Great Dane from Michigan in the US. To feed his growth spurt, Freddy consumes dog food worth £75 a week. He is also partial to the occasional whole roast chicken or some peanut butter on toast as a treat. Unfortunately, as a puppy he also had a taste for sofas - and demolished 14 before realising quite how comfortable they are.  More photos after the break

Freddy demolished 14 sofas when he was youngerMiss Stoneman, 38, takes Freddy for walks in the dark so as not to scare other dogsIN order to fuel his huge bulk, Freddy eats his way through £75 worth of regular dog food per weekAt 18-months-old Freddy can still be quite boisterousMiss Stoneman herself in only 5ft 4in tallMiss Stoneman even gets up in the small hours for Freddy's daily 40-minute walk ¿ so they won't meet other dogs who might be intimidated by him

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